The essence of life

The essence of life

I once thought life was meaningless until I got to realize I was the problem. I began to look at life from a different perspective and growth was eminent.

Appreciating every person I meet and every experience I go through has impacted positively in my life. Those who have made me happy and those who have made me cry have both led me towards my achievements. The many values in life were instilled in me through these experiences.

How I wish I could meet the same people today; especially the ones who made me cry! I would shake their hands and thank them a million times. Their being in my life has made me shine. They instilled in me life’s precious values of forgiveness, perseverance, patience and persistence.

My job

When I got my first job, I was urgently in need of a job. In fact I wanted it like yesterday. I grabbed it with both my hands, held it and never let it out. In other words, I did it with a passion. However, as I advanced in age and became wiser, my focus changed. I felt the need to move my life to the next level. It was evident that I wasn’t going to achieve this while in the same job.

During employment, almost all my time belonged to my employer at a fee; which was my salary. I worked six days a week from Monday to Saturday beginning 8 am and was never sure of the time I would leave the office because of the nature of my job.

It entailed meeting specific mandatory daily targets. I was self centered rotating between my office and my house. The only other thing I could do was to go shopping on Sunday afternoon to ensure my family was comfortable through the next week.

Although my social life away from work was crippled, I did my job to my best to ensure I deserved my salary. This is to say; am not complaining about my job but making you understand how the end justified the means.

My benefits

I was not to quit this job empty handed but with several benefits which I couldn’t notice then but evidently come out today.

  • I owe the major business I run today to a close friend whom I trained on the job when she joined the company. We worked together for a while, were compatible in several areas of our lives and we are still the best of friends. We shared our thoughts and are currently both running our businesses comfortably. Basically I cannot complain.
  • I owe my supplementary business to a colleague who privately trained me on the basics of his private job. I have since learnt something new every single day and use these applications to expand my knowledge on the job and apply the same when dealing with my clients.
  • My spiritual life also went a notch higher courtesy of a younger colleague whom I also trained on the job.
  • My writing came out of an insight from a colleague who has since published many books based on “Electronics repair.”

My years in employment were not wasted years but stepping stones to greater heights. I gained a lifetime from the colleagues I worked with. In fact, I live today because I met them.

My transition

When I took the bold step to quit my job, it looked quite smooth until I had to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t really easy. I had to adjust to the new environment away from a comfortable chair and a computer.

There was no more tea at 10 am and at 3 pm from the comfort of my chair, no more sipping of drinking water at intervals to ensure I met the daily requirement, no more packed lunch and no more napping over lunch hour as I wait to resume at 2 pm. In simple terms, it was tough.

Instead, I could spend the whole day without drinking water or eating any food since I have never been comfortable just having lunch anywhere for fear of stomach upsets.

My business entails quite some movement. It took me about six months to fit in. I never relented and was finally rewarded.

My lap of luxury

At some point throughout this journey, I opened my eyes wide and could only see God’s miracles in the whole of my life cycle. This transformed my spiritual life completely.

I got to realize that my spiritual life is the foundation of every other aspect about my life. Spiritual life has been considered boring or meaningless by majority. I was once among this majority for several years.

I went through many unpleasant experiences before I hit a jackpot in my faith. And yes, hitting a jackpot means a revolution of my whole life. How did I hit the jackpot? I felt the urge to deeply seek God and took it up immediately. This was backed up by the fact that all my time was fully controlled by myself. My plans sailed through since I didn’t have to seek permission off duty.

The growth of my spiritual life has led to tremendous improvement in my health, social life and financial status. Obstacles will always exist along one’s path but for me, I learnt how to exterminate them. The God given power is in my hands.

After wasting many years struggling on my own, it has only taken a very short time of extreme hard work to mend the mess. I don’t regret any bit of my life since it has given me an opportunity to inspire those who could be in a similar situation.

Lives become better through different means but the one and only foundation remains the same. I chose what I wanted to become and worked to excel.

Be unstoppable; take full control of your life.




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  1. My boss really stresses me. But I guess I need to take it positively. Hoping to reap like you did. Thanks for the encouraging experience.

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